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Online bookkeeping and tax for freelancers

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Bookkeeping and tax services designed for freelancers and self-employed

Freelancers and self-employed can save thousands by forming an S Corp. However, forming an S Corp correctly can be costly and time consuming. We make the process simple and affordable for you. 

Here's how we can help you save on taxes


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We get to know you

We connect you with our experienced CPA for a one on one conversation (at no cost to you). We will get to know your business so we can create a customized tax saving plan for you.


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We set up your business

We will assist you organize your small business as an S Corp.  We will help you get an EIN and business licenses. We will make this process a breeze for you.


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We organize your books

Your dedicated bookkeeper will set up your bookkeeping and payroll. Throughout the year, your bookkeeping team will be crunching numbers to ensure your books are up to date.  Our team of experts will be available to answer your questions and give you tax advice to maximize your tax savings.


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We file your taxes

Unlike other online bookkeeping services, we provide you with a dedicated CPA who will not only assist you with bookkeeping but can also prepare annual federal and state taxes for your S Corp. Since your dedicated CPA will already know your business finance, tax season will be a breeze for you.


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We save you money

By organizing your business as an S Corp, our tax advisors will help you save thousands on taxes. A freelancer making $100K a year typically saves between $11,261 and $12,179 in taxes every year. 

How much does it cost?

We provide one low monthly price for bookkeeping, tax and business formation for freelancers.

$225 $275/month
(limited time offer)


✓ Filing a single-member LLC

✓ S Corp election

✓ EIN (Employer ID Number)

✓ Operating Agreements

Online Bookkeeping

✓ Industry specific bookkeeping

✓ Dedicated bookkeeping team, including a CPA

✓ Financial statements, including income statement and balance sheet

✓ Bank and credit card reconciliations

✓ Unlimited expert advise


✓ Dedicated tax advisor

✓ Federal and state taxes prepared by a CPA

✓ Payroll processing

✓ Payroll tax filings

✓ Unlimited expert advise


A dedicated team for your freelance business

You get a dedicated team of bookkeepers and tax advisors who will save you money while you focus on running your business. Your team of experts includes a CPA with over 10 years of experience. Your dedicated team is available to answer any questions you have about your books. With Momin & Momin Tax, you can also get your tax questions answered by a CPA.

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Freelancers love us. Here's what they are saying about us.

"I went to Momin and Momin after looking at the google reviews. I must say I was more than happy to use their service. They immediately scheduled me for a meeting and answered all my questions. They also explained me how I can save money by forming my business as an S-Corp.  They helped me setup my legal entity and taking care of bookkeeping and payroll.  It gives me more time to focus on my business."


Start saving money today

Freelancers making $100K a year can typically save between $11,261 and $12,179 in taxes every year.
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