Tax Planning

We provide comprehensive tax planning and preparation for our clients. Whether its your individual federal and state taxes or business income taxes, we have you covered here at Momin & Momin. As tax reform changes come into effect in 2018, its essential for businesses and individuals to plan early for tax changes to maximize their savings. Contact us today to get started.


Tax Reform

At the end of 2017, congress passed a major tax reform that impacts individual and business taxes. It's a complete overhaul of tax law which makes it essential for everyone to engage in tax planning. The tax changes are effective 1/1/2018 so the sooner you plan for changes, the more you can save.

Business Tax Planning

Choosing a right business structure can save you thousands in tax bill.  All business structures (corporation, LLC, partnerships) have tax advantages and disadvantages. We can help you decide which structure is best your particular situation. 


Individual Tax Planning

Planning for individual tax early can yield big savings at the time of tax return filing. Everyone has different finances which impacts taxes differently. Momin & Momin, CPAs can provide you personalized tax planning to maximize tax savings.

With the tax reform effective as of January 1, 2018, everyone needs consider its impact. Contact us today to start planning for tax savings.