Tax season is here. Are you ready?

Tax Season

What documents do I need?

In order to take all deduction, make sure to keep all your tax documents. Click on the link below to get a checklist of documents you will need to file your tax return.

Tax Document Checklist

When are the tax returns due?

S-Corporations – March 15, 2019
Partnerships – March 15, 2019
Individuals – April 15, 2019
C-Corporations – April 15, 2019

A six month extension is also available but it must be filed before the original deadline. Buy your dream car now!

If you are planning to buy a new car, buying it before December 31, 2017, will allow you to deduct sales tax paid on your 2017 tax return. With tax reform changes, it will be difficult to take this deduction in 2018.

When will I get my refund?

Most people receive their refunds within 21 days. Refund status can be checked at the IRS website.

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